Anne M. Andayani is the driving Force behind PT Bali Berseri "I look into every detail from design to production, finishing and quality control, ensuring that we deliver our products to the exact specifications of our clients. Meeting customer requirements is our primary objective!"


Anne M. Andayani
Our Indonesian Sole & Spirit. Director of PT Bali Berseri
Mrs. Andayani has a profound understanding for Indonesian culture the unique combination of spirituality, religion, tradition and art. She brings with her over 16 years of experience in the Indonesian property market with the most exclusive developers in Indonesia and is a result driven professional. Her family is well known in the Batik Fashion Industry, thanks to Nelson Mandela and many others who love the shirts from Iwan Tirta.  Anne M. Andayani studied Japanese at the University of Dharma Persada in Jakarta but also speaks Javanese, Balinese,  English and Dutch.


Joseph J. Bernardi
Director Marketing and special projects of PT Bali Berseri Indonesia
A Swiss national with Italian and Austrian roots, born in Lucerne, Switzerland, Joseph, now calls Bali, Indonesia, his home.