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Independence was never easier …

Independence was never easier... There is no such thing like difficult time! "Challenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life exciting." We argue that it’s easy to make money because we are lucky to work with unique and beautiful individual master pieces, fascinating handcrafted décor and art.


Bali Berseri started back in 2002 beginning in Switzerland and registered its company in Bali on April 5th 2007 with its office in Kuta, Indonesia. As founders, we travel all over the Asian Archipelago, purchasing antique houses, wood and furnishings. Our handmade furniture is made of recycled wood giving them an exclusive warmth and authentic touch. We export to Europe, Australia and the USA. 


Vision: Bali Berseri does open shops in Europe, Australia and the USA with the brand name Bali Berseri . The steadily increasing sales volume with our partner shops allows Bali Berseri to lower freight rates, production costs, improve quality reliability and gain increased market presence.  With our recycled massive yet elegant wood furniture we have a unique product line in the market.


We advocate local fair trade, strongly support the social movement and market based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries make better trading conditions that promote sustainability, whereas profitable business remains our primary focus.

Independence was never easier …:  in our start-up package we offer two containers of furniture, handicraft, art and décor shipped  to your doorstep, including our sales and care training details, including a complete webpage with webshop and an international business company with merchant account, credit card facilities, paypal account and cash transfer possibility. You are all set to start your own business.

Contact us in Indonesia +62 878 7788 3769 or in Switzerland +4179 648 5430, we are happy to send you the full details for our "buying platform package".