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This scarf is representing the tradition of Indonesian Batik's spirtiual discipline but also the joy of life. Batik is one of several "court arts", along with shadow play of wayang purwa, court dances, gamelan or authentic Javanese percussion orchestra, and poetry. The art is an extension of the philosophy based on the spiritual discipline.

Batik drawing requires calm and psychological state; observing it also induces a meditative state of mind. Controlled breathing is essential in painting batik. Like court dances and gamelan performers, batik painter must clear one's mind through fasting or abstinence.

Iwan Tirta had a dream that one day Indonesian Batik would be like the hippest thing to wear to the Oscar.  All those Hollywood stars would be racing to get their hands on the best Indonesian Batik they can get…

Nicole Richie is wearing an Indonesian Batik silk slendang or scarf adorned with fringes. She was not at the Oscar, but definitely this is a wonderful start.

Vogue Magazine, Time Magazine and countless others honored the artwork of Iwan Tirta (r.i.p.)


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