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Iwan Tirta Batik Shirt. Iwan Tirta returned to Indonesia from New York in 1970.Instead of utilizing his law degree as a profession, he started his career as a designer using traditional, hand-made batik cloth.Batik is a traditional art on Tirta's native island of Java. He began studying the design, motifs and manufacture process of batik.

Tirta authored several prominent books on the subject of batik.An advocate of batik decades before the fabric regained popularity, Tirta's designs gained attention both in Indonesia and internationally. He designed batik clothing for U.S. President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan during their visit in the 1980s. Tirta's work achieved worldwide recognition in 1994 when he designed the batik shirts worn by world leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summitt in Bogor, Indonesia. He counted Nelson Mandela Bill Clinton Roger Moore Bill Gates and many other among his clients.

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Anne Andayani-Bernardi the Director of PT. Bali Berseri shares the traditional art and the values and fascination for Batik with her family.


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