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Iwan Tirta Batik Handbag

Batik is one of several "court arts", along with shadow play of wayang purwa, court dances, gamelan or authentic Javanese percussion orchestra, and poetry. The art is an extension of the philosophy based on the spiritual discipline.
Batik drawing requires calm and psychological state; observing it also induces a meditative state of mind. Controlled breathing is essential in painting batik. Like court dances and gamelan performers, batik painter must clear one's mind through fasting or abstinence.

600 x 600

Iwan Tirta's batik designs come straight from the heart of Javanese tradition, but in other respects Indonesia's most feted fashion maestro, 75-year-old Iwan Tirta, is a modernist — responsible for getting batik into the pages of Vogue and onto international catwalks. A Yale graduate destined for legal practice, Tirta switched career paths in the 1960s after his interest in batik was awakened during a research project. Since that time, he has built up an exclusive fashion and homeware label, and contributed to the preservation and advancement of batik-production techniques.


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