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Our Teak End Table Collection is made of recycled teakwood from Central Java, originally used as country houses or boats.   The finishing leaves the original color, after sanded and polished, the end table is hand painted with lacquer for boats. This urban peace of furniture is an eyecatcher whith its roughneck look, yet a well finished and practical product. The lifelines of the wood and the reamining original color from the boats and houses makes it a highly decorative peace of furniture.

44 x 44 x 50

The finishing process contains sanding and hand-painting with lacquer for boats which is a clear (colourless) lacquer intended for the protection and decoration of the external and internal wooden surfaces and give the product a long lasting protection. It penetrates well into the wooden pores and protects it efficiently in all climatic conditions. It is distinguished by a high lustre and highlights the natural wood structure.


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